Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Secret Addiction and Catching Up on Pics

American Idol. Okay...so who's tuning in tonight? I know I am...A's first season...I'm soooo excited. I'm having a kick-off party tonight at my house. I had a finale party last season. I'm planning on doing another one this year. I'm so excited. I think I might make A a hat or bib or something with whoever we're rooting for on it. I know...I'm a freak...I get it. It's my secret addiction. On another note we're both over the pink eye. Yay!!! Good health here we come. I'm so excited.

I'm still working on my sewing. I've gotten lots of practice while making my diaper wipes. And here's the pics finally as promised.

And here's a pic from our New Year's festivities.

Alright. I'm going to sign off here. A and I are tuning in to "Bringing Baby Home." A friend from our pregnancy.org birth board was on the show and it's airing today.

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