Wednesday, January 9, 2008

We're Sick

A and I just got back from the doctor today. I called yesterday when I realized that we both had pink eye. So here's the list of our ailments. A has pink eye, a double ear infection, and a cold. Poor baby. I'm actually somewhat thankful for the pink eye because without it I wouldn't have known about the double ear infection. I wasn't going to take him to the doctor for just a cold - especially since the cough was getting better. I have pink eye and I'm going to be taking an antibiotic for a cough that's lingered since September. I hate that we're both going to be on antibiotics. It'll be like a double whammy for him since I'm breastfeeding. But I picked up a probiotic powder at the health store so we can both have that. That will hopefully help. My husband made fun of me last night because despite having pink eye in one eye pretty badly, I sat there and read a book last night with one eye open. I guess I really am a major bookworm - as if I didn't already know that! LOL

I'm working my way through "The Well-Educated Mind." It's pretty interesting. I'm just trying to take it all in right now.

Well, I must go. A's asleep and I promised myself that I would clean at least one room in this house today and do at least one load of laundry (I'm way behind on laundry). With both of us being sick, my house looks like a landfill right now.

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  1. This week my challenge has been staying motivated which is a bit dfficult as I have been tired again his week. Last week I had all this energy and now I am back to just feeling wasted. So my point is I hear ya n cleaning something today. I have to do the same. I have dishes in my sink and my bed room looks like a dump. Plus I still need to school Hattie today...