Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eating Veggies and Giving Up Ice Cream

Well, we've been doing okay with eating our veggies. It is work though as I really have to think outside the box for meals. It's so easier some days just to cook up a slab of meat, throw a veggie or two with it, throw the bread and butter on the table, and voila - dinner. Two nights ago we had a leek and potato bake thing. It was alright. I added some grated zucchini to it for some added nutrients. I thought T would complain about that, but he ate it and liked it. He liked this meal better than the stuffed peppers. I guess he didn't care for those after all. I LOVED them! When I asked him what he didn't like about them he said he liked the stuffing - he just didn't like the green pepper that it was inside. Do you see what I have to work with here??? So T has eaten meat for lunch the past two days in a row. And he came home last night and ordered a pepperoni pizza. I diligently picked all of my pepperoni off. However, despite these "failings" I am inclined to applaud him. No meat at dinner is still an improvement. I did end up having some salmon yesterday. I'm not sure that I want to give up seafood completely. I think it's pretty healthy I'll probably have seafood occasionally.

Right now, we're in the lacto-ovo department (or trying to be at least) as far as vegetarians go. This means we allow dairy and eggs. I'm seriously thinking about going from lacto-ovo to just ovo. But I really like cheese! Hence my downfall. When I gave up dairy products for several months while Boo was breaking out the pounds started melting off. I wasn't worrying about what I was eating or how much other than just nothing with a milk product. I think I discovered something about my body then and I've been trying to get back to that ever since. For now I think if I could find a way to limit my dairy consumption that would help. I'm okay with giving up milk as I've become partial to rice milk and I'm really concerned about the cow's milk that we drink with homogenation and pasteurization and all, not to mention antibiotics and hormones. I found a recipe to make rice milk at much cheaper than buying it all the time. So I'm going to try that. But anyways, I think maybe I'll just start with finding a way to cut back on cheese - perhaps only allowing it once or twice a week. I have cut out ice cream successfully in the past week or so. And rather easily I must admit. I bought lowfat plain yogurt and a variety of fix-ins and I've been eating that instead. So I'm still eating it most nights, but I figure a dish of yogurt every night is better than a bowl of ice cream. My favorite mix-in? Crushed up good quality dark chocolate! And it only takes a little bit of it if it's a good quality chocolate.

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