Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Accident

We had an accident!

I went out walking and was sooo proud of myself for this by the way. I had decided that Boo wasn't getting enough time outdoors and that I needed to get up earlier and get him out of the house in the mornings after breakfast while it's nice and cool out. So today I was up early as I promised myself I would do. We got breakfast done. I put him in my homemade woven wrap (which I'm also very proud of) and headed out the door.

We walked. I pointed out trees and leaves and grass and let him run at a park. I felt very in touch with nature. Then I had to pee. I stopped by a friend's house that was close by. She wasn't home. No biggy. The church I used to attend is up ahead so I'll go there. I walk faster.

And then the unthinkable happened. I fell. My ankle rolled. I didn't trip. I just crumpled and Boo went with me. His head hit the concrete pavement. He was bleeding. My ankle was hurt. I laid there for a minute and then got up and limped to my friend's parents' house up ahead. It was about a block and a half. Boo was screaming and I was limping and it was all so traumatic. We got there and got cleaned up. I'm so thankful my friends parents were home. Boo is fine. A little banged up but fine. I have a sprained ankle, but I'll improve.

Anyways, I feel as though the babywearing was unfairly blamed for the fall. There were a few well-meaning comments that made me feel this way. Of course I didn't debate it. They helped me and I really appreciate it. I was kind of an emotional wreck showing up at their door with blood on my face.

Accidents happen, whether child is in a stroller or being worn, accidents happen. In fact, had I taken a stroller I think the accident would've been worse. Because Boo and I were about 40 minutes into the walk. He would've by then been "all done" with the stroller and I would've been pushing the stroller and carrying him when I fell, which means that he probably would've went flying and hit the ground. With my wearing him I actually took the brunt of the fall. But the momentum caused my body to roll to the side and that's when his head hit the ground.

It was a traumatic day and I'm glad it's over. But I did ask God to give me more patience at the beginning of yesterday. So now he's given me an opportunity to work on it. I need to be really careful what I pray for...LOL!

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