Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

It's NOT raining today. Hurray. Hubby is outside now putting up the climber. Playhouse is still in a pile in the garage. If we get one thing up today I'll be happy. Progress would be nice. Speaking of progress, I really need to make progress on some things inside the house. It's kind of like we busted our butts to get the downstairs ready for daycare and DCFS compliant and once that was done we just kind of stopped. It's not been on purpose, but I guess we've been having fun, hanging with friends, and trying not to feel too stressed about the piles of boxes in other parts of the house. I have a few garbage bags in the kitchen that I would like to go through by week's end. It's plastic kitchen stuff. Some might even be garbage, as in tupperware with no lids. I'm definitely not hanging onto those things. So perhaps I'll start on that today. I also want to start cleaning stuff out of the garage - my nice lovely garage that I was so excited to get that I've been unable to park in because we have piles of crap in it. Blah - it will get there. But it's absolutely driving me nutso!

Of course what I really want to do today is dye my hair. I've never done my hair myself though. Hubby has always done it for me. Before hubby my mom dyed my hair for me. But he's busy and I kind of don't want to wait, so I may just say "to hell with it" and hope that it doesn't turn out too terrible if I do it myself. I'm going blonde. Hubby has been wanting me to go back to blonde for a loooong time. It's been forever since I've gone blonde. I usually prefer some shade of brunette. I would say that my worst shade was black, but that was even fun for awhile. Actually, no, my worst shade was ashy green - ash blonde gone wrong. I definitely don't use any color with ash in the name anymore. I go for golden, bronze, or neutral shades. Nothing with a cool tone.

So I guess the choice is dyeing my hair or unpacking some things. Either way I have the unpleasant task of some dishes and sweeping/mopping awaiting me. So perhaps I should do something fun and go for the hair. Hmmmm....Yep. I think I'm going to find some grungy clothes and go for the hair option. Blonde bombshell here I come.

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