Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When Peace Like a River

When peace like a river attendeth my is well with my soul. Okay, so the hymn is about God, but this is what popped in my head when I think about the fact that we own our home and are no longer dealing with landlords. For those who have rented and/or are currently renting, I'm sure you know what I mean. Some people are fortunate to have great landlords. Awesome - glad you are in that position. Since we moved to the Burg we had a so-so one and a really crappy one. I feel so at peace knowing that we are not at the mercy of how someone else wants to maintain a property. At our last place, I remember feeling frustrated day after day just trying to complete simple tasks. For example, trying to take a shower and the hardware would fall off while I was trying to use it (that's after the landlord "fixed" it), walking down the back stairs and remembering NOT to use the railing (the one my landlord "fixed" by shoving a heavy rock in front of the base of the rail), opening a cabinet in the kitchen to get something out and having the cabinet fall off on one corner. These are things that I do not have to deal with, or when they do come up I can ensure that they are fixed properly. If they are not fixed properly I will have only myself, and maybe my husband ;) , to blame. I guess it feels less stressful to know that we're a bit more in control of the situation. Not that we can control what may come up in terms of necessary repairs, but that we can work to find a solution that we're happy with.

I also feel much more confident in the space that I'm able to provide for my daycare and hope that this makes a difference when it comes to filling vacancies in the daycare. We have big plans for the backyard. So far the rain has really gotten in the way of those plans. But it is the middle of June after all. The rain has to dry up sometime soon!

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