Friday, June 18, 2010

Operation Backyard

Well, I've started working on the backyard even though there's a zillion things to do inside of our house. But we really want to get the kiddos set up for their outdoor play. However, the rain needs to GO AWAY!!!! Every day that we've wanted to work on our space it has rained. This is a huge problem, especially since we can't just plop play equipment outside and call it done! Due to DCFS licensing standards for the daycare we have to till and mulch the area for the equipment first. Then we can put the equipment out. It's not like it's going to be too terrible as far as the amount of work is concerned, BUT we need a rain free day in order to get anything done. Our playhouse is still a lump of wood in the garage because of all the rain. We now have a climber that has joined the playhouse in the garage. The sandbox still has no sand in it because that will also be put in the mulched area.

So hopefully someday soon all of this rain will stop and we can get something done. When it does stop, we'll have a sandbox, Clubhouse Climber, and playhouse. So we'll have a lot of great things when it's all done.

We do have a nice new grill to go in our backyard. I bought a bunch of meat from America's Finest Steak and so hubby got a new grill to go with our meat. Yeah - you know how that goes. We could use a deep freeze to go with our meat too!

Anyways, hopefully the rain will clear soon so that Operation Backyard can officially begin!

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