Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good Times with Grumpy Neighbor

Well, it's been a crazy week. Hubby has been sick all week thanks to an antibiotic that he was put on. He might be getting better. He did go back to work, but that was more because he just had to. He still feels like crap. We had a busy weekend and consequently I've been behind on dishes all week. We now have a dishwasher which is nice. I now get to stare at it when I do the dishes by hand and think what a nice looking appliance it is. Hopefully we'll get it hooked up soon. That will be a happy day for sure!

I had another run-in with grumpy neighbor today. He came knocking on my door this morning about the hose that has been moved. In case you're wondering, it's the hose that drains the sump pump from the basement. When he trespassed into our yard the other night he threw it up on the patio so that all the water could drain down into the soil right by our basement. That was thoughtful of him, wasn't it? So hubby moved it over a bit, still pretty stinking far from his fence. Also, I will say that his house is pretty far from the fence, so even if water seeps under his fence it's not soaking into the ground right be his house. But anyways, our yard slopes towards his. It's just the lay of the land. We didn't create it. Honestly, no matter where we put that hose the water is going to make its way down the slope. It's not my fault that it's been raining nonstop and the ground is saturated. Maybe if I could control the weather grumpy man would be happy. Eh - probably not! Anyways, our conversation did not go well. I started out trying to be polite. Really I did. I responded that we were working on it. He continued and continued and continued. I do remember telling him that I didn't appreciate him knocking at my door at 10:00pm at night due to my struggles with insomnia at which point he informed me that he didn't care about my insomnia. And then I snapped. I told him he wasn't allowed to knock on my door late at night and that he was absolutely not allowed to come into my backyard. Of course he kept talking as I was telling him these things. So since I couldn't get him to listen to a word that I had to say I ended the conversation by telling him repeatedly to get off my property. I think I even pointed and snapped toward his house a bit. Yes, my wrath came out! But you know, we love our house so much and even though we're still trying to get hubby's career squared away, in a lot of ways I feel like we are living the "American Dream". So what American dream would be complete without the grumpy neighbor? They go hand in hand.

Anyways, we're camping with friends this weekend and probably taking Boo to see Toy Story 3. And I'm hoping that there's a constructed playhouse in the cards this weekend, but we'll see. I'm not sure that hubby's going to be up for it. He's really had the life knocked out of him. I think he's just trying to function right now.

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  1. You are always guaranteed a hater in life, looks like yours lives next door. Bummer:)

    Hope Tom feels better soon, Dale had a similar reaction to his antibiotic, in a word it sucks large celulite ass.