Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Operation Backyard and 3 Year Old Boo

Well, Operation Backyard has seen some progress. I really wish that I had a digital camera so that I could post some pics right now. I think the space is really looking great. We have the climber up and the kiddos love it. Also, the playhouse was finished as of approximately 10:00pm last night. If standing outside in the dark finishing the playhouse by flashlight while the bugs eat us for late night snack isn't dedication, then I don't know what is! The sandbox is still a "pretend" sandbox while we wait for funds to put play sand in it, but oh well. We'll get there. I feel like my daycare space, both indoors and out, has seen more progress in the past two month than in the past close to two years that I've been open. It's great to see the place start to look as I've always envisioned. Of course I still have more wants and ideas for my business, but we'll get there!

On another note, I can't believe that my child will be 3 years old a week from Monday. It hardly seems possible. He seems so much a baby to me still in a lot of ways. But he is definitely Mr. Independent. His potty skills are coming along nicely in spite of a regression period after moving. Today he told me he had to use the potty while he was outside playing. That was a FIRST. Usually if he's outside playing he could care less about running inside to use the potty, so I was very thrilled. I've been hanging a package of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse underwear that he wants very badly over his head. I first showed them to him at Target last week. He has definitely stepped up his efforts to get to the potty on time since being told that we would buy his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse underwear if he pees and poops in the potty all the time. He really wants that underwear. He gets excited when he talks about it!

One thing that's kind of fun about our new location is that we're a few blocks from a local ice cream shop. I thought it would be horrible for me, but I've not been terrible. They have a kid sized cone that's only $0.70 and they even put a face on the cone. How cute is that!? So we walk there every now and then. We went last night while daddy was working on the playhouse. Boo was very excited because he got to bring "his own" money (i.e. my money that he claimed) to the ice cream shop. He kind of gave me a funny look when I told him he had to take his money out of his pocket and give it to the lady at the ice cream shop in order to get his ice cream. But I guess the lure of ice cream was too strong, so he gave in without a fight! After we got home he informed me that he wanted to go "bye bye to store and get money." Oh, really? That's how that works? Well, I've been getting it backwards all these years. Ah - the mind of a child. Everything must seem so easy and simple to them. I envy their ignorant joyful existence!

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