Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Activity

Today, and probably part of tommorrow if we don't finish today, we're making Valentine's Day cards. Each kiddo will have 9 cards to make. I was going to do 10 for each kid, but I goofed when cutting the cards. So 9 for each it is! I have cut out tons of hearts - die cuts would be so much easier, but I'm doing it the cheapo way! I tore up red, white, and pastel blue tissue paper out. Yes...I realize that makes them a bit patriotic, but I thought the pastel blue would be a nice contrast color for the pink and red! The hearts were cut out of some cardstock I had. Magenta, light pink, and pink gingham pattern. I also stamped "Be Mine" "I Love You" "Love" "Valentine" and "Sweety" on little strips of the same cardstock that they can glue onto their cards. Usually I use glue stick for their crafts. Not today. We're going to go all out and use the messy, gooey Elmer's glue. It'll be a nice sensory experience for them. I'm trying not to focus on the clean up It'd be nice if I had some paper doilies. Those are always nice for Valentine's Day. Oh well - the tissue will be nice and will add a 3-dimensional aspect to the cards!

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