Thursday, February 12, 2009

Natural Make-up Anyone???

Okay, awhile back I threw out tons of makeup. A lot of it was so old that I don't even want to think about the amount of bacteria that was probably growing in it! I'm wanting to replace some of it, but I want to go more natural this time and avoid products that are filled with toxins. I also want something that's going to work and stay in place. A HARD combination to find. Right now I'm especially in the market for a good lipstick. Right now all I have are lip glosses and honestly they all rub off probably within the hour of my applying them. So I think I need more of a lipstick than a gloss. If I want to add shine I can always put gloss over it. I don't like matte finish though because I think it looks cakey. So something that looks smooth, shiny if possible. Does anyone have experience with GOOD quality natural lipstick? Tell all please!


  1. friend had to buy all new makeup bc she found a lot of it had gluten in it and was making her react. I'll have to find out what kind she got!

  2. Unfortunately I don't think Yves Rocher fits the bill. They use some natural ingredients, but they use a lot of harmful ones too. Here's a link.