Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Could I cry some more - good grief!

These preggo hormones are really kicking into overdrive. In the past couple of weeks I've cried while watching The Lion King, Cars, 13 Going on 30, Beauty and the Beast, and I'm sure there's other ones. My patience level, which I like to think is usually pretty good, has gone the way of the dodo. I'm doing okay with Boo, not great, just okay. And poor T, well, he's getting the brunt of my irritability right now. And he's been so nice lately and really picking up the slack around here as I'm just not getting many things done lately. So he's stuck with a sobbing, irritable, and unproductive wife right now. I'm suprised he doesn't just take his sleeping bag and go sleep at work! :)

Seriously though, I'm glad for all of this because these symptoms indicate that the pregnancy is progressing and Elfie is growing. So I'm happy to have them. Just kind of hoping that this trimester speeds by so I can get to that "feel good" part of pregnancy - second trimester!

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