Monday, February 23, 2009

I've decided to be Montessori-inspired!

A lot of you know that I was an infant teacher at a Montessori school for awhile when T and I lived in the suburbs. I have to say that I've been interested in Montessori ideas ever since. There's some good bloggers/resources online for Montessori at home. I've been looking into some of those activities - the lentil bean activity was one. I'm planning on incorporating this into my daycare. I can't claim to be a Montessori program per se, but I feel that Montessori-inspired would be an appropriate phrase.

One of the hard things is that Montessori materials are extremely expensive. However, with a little bit of online research and craftiness, there are plenty of Montessori materials that can be made at home. So in my overabundance of spare time *huge eye roll here* I'll be making some Montessori materials and working to get this into our days more and more. I don't think we'll jump in full speed. I just plan to gradually incorporate more and more of this until it's a regular every day thing for us!

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