Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Water Fun!

Here's some stuff that we did this morning. I have a white storage container that I filled with water. I poured a bit of dish soap in and gave each child a whisk. I also added some blue food coloring for kicks and giggles. The boys got to whisk and create bubbles in the water. I also got out some water toys - fish, rubber ducks, etc...They had a great time whisking and playing with the toys!

While they were waiting for lunch I got out a container of soapy water and some clean sponges. I let them have fun scrubbing the lunch table and the table legs. This was great. They had fun and some crusted on food was cleaned up. They were happy while I finished making lunch and they were proud of their hard work!

I plan to do a lot more of these kinds of activities with them. I'm planning to start putting a container with dish soap in the kitchen for them to bus their own dishes when they're done with lunch. I think they'll really enjoy this and hey, it'll save me a step. I won't have to pre-rinse before loading the dishwasher.

I'm considering starting another blog. Yes, another one. I've been writing about daycare activities and happenings so much that I feel it should have its own blog. The point of this blog has been getting lost in all of my ramblings about daycare I think. So we'll see if I can bare to set up one more stinkin' blog to keep up with!

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