Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man

Well, there were two little tambourine men this morning. I made tambourines out of paper appetizer plates. I stapled the plates together and put some lentil beans inside. A cheap, easy musical instrument. They got to color on their tambourines with markers and glue hearts on them - being Valentine's week and all. N, dc kiddo, refused to put hearts on his - so his was just purple scribbling. Boo put hearts on his and proceeded to tear half of one of the hearts off. Plus he bit into one side of his tambourine. So I had to restaple where he bit a little hole in his tambourine! This is definitely a supervised toy as once it's bitten into, torn, etc...the lentil beans would pour out all over. But they had fun shaking their tambourines to music. For music we were listening to one of our Putamayo Kids CD's. Specifically we were listening to the Animal Playground CD. Here's a link that I found to Putamayo kids. The CD's are pretty great I think.

Putamayo Kids Music

I like that the CDs focus on different regions of the world, countries, etc...And I don't find the music to be extremely annoying as some children's music can be.

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