Friday, February 13, 2009

Do We Really Have To Wait - A Whiny Post!

Okay - you've been warned. This is going to be a whiny post. Awhile back T and I made the decision that even though we're not wanting to stay in the town that we're in, we'll stay put long enough to get him through nursing school. And then we'll move. That way he has a degree and career to take with him. Lately though I've been getting antsy. I've been perusing such internet sites as Sperling's Best Places (see link):


I've also been browsing newspapers for places we're looking at, job ads, apartment ads, etc...I'm so ready to get a move on. And part of me is wondering if maybe we should go before T starts school. My reason being that once he's licensed as a nurse he's going to have to switch over his license to whatever state we move to. That seems like a pain to me! Not to mention, the educational opportunity here is not abounding. Perhaps we would find better options for nursing school elsewhere that would make it more feasible for him to go.

Honestly, anywhere we go the cost of living is going to be higher. However, we have found our current location the most financially difficult place we've lived. Many would think that it would be the opposite. We currently live in a small town. We used to reside in the suburbs of a major city. The major city area was much more affordable for us as we were able to get decent pay. Our housing hasn't changed since we moved. Granted, we now rent a house which we would not have been able to afford in the suburbs, but we are paying about the same as what we paid in the suburbs once utilities are added in. And honestly I'm okay with apartment living for now. No yard mowing - YAY.!!!!! I HATE mowing and so does T! I would miss the gardening a lot and I would hate for Boo to have nowhere for his sand box. But perhaps if we look hard enough we can find an affordable townhome so that we can have a bit of yard.

And home daycare is a business that I can take with me. Granted, I would have to go through licensing crap again, but oh well. And if we're in more of an urban area I can charge more for each child.

So where would we like to move? Well, ideally out west somewhere. Somewhere close to good hiking, camping, skiing, art galleries, museums, children's museums, good food, authentic Mexican food (yummo), and DRY HEAT!!!! So we'll see...but I must admit that I'm getting extremely antsy and I don't want to wait anymore. WAAAHHHH - see there's the whine!


  1. You said whine and I thought Mmmmmmm wine....i'm out :(

  2. I was thinking "out west"...come to WA!! Until I read dry heat. Maybe Eastern WA? haha!

    I'm really antsy to move right now too, so I totally understand.

  3. I've actually considered both Washington and Oregon in the past, but they're definitely both pretty darn wet! You never know though!