Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like a Tramp

Did the title catch your attention? :)

Honestly I've been feeling kind of funny lately because my wedding band doesn't fit on the appropriate finger right now and my engagement ring has been broken for awhile. We have the ring and the diamond - they're just not joined together anymore as they should be! We've been wanting to get it fixed, but honestly it seems that there's always things that are financially a much higher priority. Jewelry is just not high on my list. So it's been put off for years. And I'm okay with that. My commitment was made internally and I don't need a shiny rock on my finger to remind me. However, with being preggo and carting a toddler around I sometimes wonder what people think. Also, I'm still mistaken for under 21 on a somewhat regular basis. So, put that altogether and what does it look like? Unwed teenage! No offense to anyone who is or has been. I'm just not one, so I think it's funny that I probably come across as one! Add the fact that I have a "tramp stamp" and well, there you go. In my defense I had no idea that tattoos on a female's lower back were called "tramp stamps" when I got mine! I certainly am not now nor have I ever been what I would consider to be a "tramp." And no, I'm not saying that all unwed teenage mothers are tramps...I just thought it was a fun title for today's post!

So what's on my "tramp stamp?" Actually, it's the Celtic trinity symbol. Yes, I have a "tramp stamp" that symbolizes my relationship with God. How's that for a big contradiction? I like it - it's a reminder to me that I belong to God. My one complaint is that since it's on my lower back I pretty much never get to see it. I'd like to get a tattoo someday that I can actually look at without the use of a mirror!

So, this post really has to do with nothing. Just me rambling. I think at some point I am going to split this blog. I'll keep this one as it was originally intended, start one for daycare type posts, a private one for Boo, and one for my religious/philosophical/life ramblings. I'm not sure when I'll get around to this. It sounds like a lot, but I probably won't post anymore than I do now. The posts will just go to different blogs, so this one probably won't see action pretty much every day like it does now. Anyways, I'll quit rambling. Need to go do dishes. OH JOY!!

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  1. You get mistaken for a young unwed mother and I get called M'am-damn pizza delivery boy.......